Service Offers

Cyber Forensic Investigation

He provides two types of investigation,which are Computer Forensic Investigation , Mobile Forensic Investigation

Staff Monitoring

This service helps clients to monitor their employees to see whether they are doing their assigned job properly or not.

Divorce Litigation Support

He helps you to provide with cyber forensic investigation services in any of the digital media to have a evidence to prove in the court of law.

Cyber Security Audit

He has a team of Auditors who does the audit in the companies to make their companies secure from the external attacks.

Corporate Investigations

He is an expertise at handling problems involving employment law, civil law and criminal law with great sophistication.

Data Recovery

With this service one can get their data recovered from mobile phones , memory card , sim card , hard drives , and Pen drives

Training and Consultancy.

This offers a range of Cyber forensics, Information Security and Ethical Hacking courses that are customized as per your demand.

Application Security Check

A vulnerability assessment is a practice used to identify all potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an environment.

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